Sunday, October 31, 2010

To the Hybrids

Traditional Cask
46% ABV
Speyside, Highlands

A gift from my in-laws, Ardmore is not currently available in Virginia, so it's always a treat when I can get a bottle. The interesting thing about Ardmore, and why it's so distinctive, is that Ardmore is a Peated Highland whisky. The barley is dried using natural, highland peat fires, so you get a whisky that has a hint of peat combined with creaminess and vanilla. This stands in pretty stark contrast to typical Highland whiskies which don't rely upon a ton of peat for drying, as well as island whiskies which have traditionally relied upon peat fires, but tend to have a lot more taste of the sea in them.

Other "hybrids" to take a look at are, Ben Riach, which has expanded with a massive and really interesting range since they were bought by a small group of businessmen from Chivas in 2004, and, of course, Highland Park.

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