Thursday, July 7, 2011

Best of the Web

I thought I’d include a list of some of my favorite recent whisky articles and some good links for useful information on whisky: – just to prove to you that I’m not only interested in scotch, this is a really enjoyable article about a hard to find bourbon and why people love it. – An explanation of the current scotch phenomenon.  Not living in the UK, I was surprised to has learn that its popularity was on such a steep incline there as well.

In addition to the occasional article, I use these websites regularly to research purchases and this blog: – this is my go to reference site on the internet.  All of Scotland’s distilleries, organized alphabetically, as well as regionally, to give you a nice overview. – this blog, from Richmonder Kevin Erskine, while not adding content since 2010, is a good reference for articles and information.  I also recommend Kevin’s book, The Instant Expert’s Guide to Single Malt Scotch.  I correctly answered a trivia question on Kevin’s blog a few years ago and he sent me a Johnnie Walker hat, so there’s that. – one of the best reference sites on the web. – yes, there’s a Whisky Magazine.  It’s a wonderful magazine which covers all of the world’s whiskies, and has articles from some of the world’s greatest whisky writers like Dave Broom, Dominic Roskrow, Jim Murray, and the late, great Michael Jackson.  The website also contains a wonderful database of information and reviews. – yes, there are two whisky magazines.  This one is published in America by John Hansell.  John’s blog, “What Does John Know?” is a must read.

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