Sunday, September 4, 2011

The most expensive whisky I’ve ever bought

I’m just back from a trip to England and Scotland for two weeks.  I tried a new whisky, got reacquainted with an updated brand, made my pilgrimage to World of Whisky in Heathrow, and bought my most expensive bottle of whisky ever.

NEW Tormore 12 year old, 40% ABV: This is a little know Speyside whisky.  I saw it in the grocery store and since I had never had it before, and the price was right (20  pounds), in the cart it went.  Tormore is full bodied and oily, with a little taste of orange peel.  Ultimately, though, it’s pretty forgettable.  I probably won’t go back for more of this one.

UPDATED Tobermory 10 year old, 46.3% ABV: Tobermory, on the Isle of Mull, used to be the Ledaig distillery.  Now Tobermory is rebranded and Ledaig is the name of it’s peated expression.  Tobermory 10 in the meantime, is a delightful maritime whisky.  Light on the peat, high on grass, seaweed and gingerbread flavor, this whisky hit a lot of good notes and is worth picking up for something a bit out of the mainstream.

No trip to Scotland would be complete without a little links golf.  And that is where I found the most expensive whisky in my travels.  We played the Balcomie Course at Crail, a fantastic course laid out by Old Tom Morris in 1895.  It was a wonderful day on the course and I shot my lowest score ever in the UK.  Afterwards we went into the clubhouse for a sandwich and a pint.  It was there that I saw it – a commemorative airline-sized bottle of “A Unique Blend of the Finest Scotch Whisky Specially Selected for the Crail Golfing Society.”  Well, it was just a matter of time before I picked that one up.


After a nice lunch and a better pint, it was time to come to grips with the fact that I was about to buy a bottle of whisky I would likely NEVER drink.  And, with that, I walked to the bar, put down my 3 pounds 50 and walked away with my souvenir.    But the price was irrelevant - since I was never going to drink it, the bottle immediately became the most expensive in my collection.

As for my trip to Heathrow?  That trip yielded a special bottle of Ardbeg which will require it's own entry at a later date.

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